Social Branding and Social Signals: Word Gets Around

Leveraging what people think of you and your business is largely a function of what other people they know think of you and your business.

In marketing, there’s a concept called “social proof.”

It basically says that if someone finds out that other people are interested in or like a particular thing, it influences that person to think that they should be interested in or like that same thing as well.

To understand social proof at its core, think about when you order something on Amazon. If it’s an item or a brand you aren’t yourself familiar with, what’s one of the first things you do?

You read the reviews.

You look to other people’s experience with the same thing. This helps you to determine whether or not it’s worth your putting it in your cart, too.

The internet has brought about a never-before-seen capability of people to share their collective experiences with one another, which has placed the onus on those who want to get noticed to “create that buzz.”

But you’re a local business owner. How do you get people to notice you, especially to the point where it has an impact on your website and, in turn, its ranking with search engines?

(And, yes! It does have an effect!)

Leave that lifting to us!

Drawing attention to your business’ website is something that requires a plan, and we’ve got the plan lined up for you.

We put together an entirely natural cadence in our campaigns which brings social media interaction into the equation that ultimately leads to increased trust in your website.

Google sees it all.  The likes.  The comments.  The shares.

This is all information that Google uses to determine its own social proof.  In essence, Google is saying to itself, “if real human interaction indicates that this post is important, then maybe I should be showing other people more about the author and what they’re saying.”

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