Business Citations: Where Visibility Meets Credibility

Online search providers want you to be able to show that you are who (and where) you say you are!

One of the most important means that search engines like Google have to establish that yours is a trustworthy website to show in their search results is for them to be able to see your contact information in a widespread fashion and for that contact information to be absolutely consistent as to its form and content.

Remember, Google and other search engines are still merely computers running artificial intelligence.

To us, “123 Anytown St.” is the same as “123 Anytown St” and “123 Anytown Street.”  To search engines, they’re not.

To us, “(202) 867-5309” is the same as “202-867-5309” and “202.867.5309.”  To search engines, they’re not.

Search engines see those slight differences, that we humans pay no mind to, as inconsistencies.

And inconsistencies lead to a lack of trust in your website and your business from search engines.

And that, unfortunately, leads to a lack of visibility for your business on sites like Google, where the world goes when they need just about anything.

Stand Out Locally And Amplify Your Presence

Our team performs what is known as a “citation audit,” during which they scour the web for all instances of your business’ information and find out where the inconsistencies lie.

They then correct those inconsistencies so that all representations of your business’ name, address, and telephone number across the web appear the same.

By the time we’re done, you’ll have hundreds of citations for your business in various services across the web, including some of the most coveted directory services there are.

Google “sees” all of this, and the result is a significant increase in the amount of trust lent to your website.  Because Google’s main goal is a great user experience, Google has more confidence in their ability to present your website and your business as a trustworthy provider of your goods/services in your local market.

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