Lead Generation: Your Business’ Lifeline

Your customers are the reason you’re in business. Your business doesn’t grow without a regular influx of new prospects.

Everyone knows it. Everyone’s after it. New clients are the lifeblood of business.

Repeat business is always fantastic and speaks to the quality of what you deliver, but without new customers, your business risks stagnating. Fast.

There are a couple of general approaches to getting new customers.

Blanket awareness campaigns (think “billboards”) rely on the right person seeing it at the right time, which hopefully results in someone contacting you for more information.

Targeted search campaigns aim to get you found when someone is actively searching for what you provide.

With the first, everyone is a target, but that’s a lot of arrows (and a lot of wasted money). With the second, you’re saving your “ammunition” for those who most matter to you in the moment.

Even within the “second” approach (the more targeted one), there are different ways to go about it.

Plenty of services are happy to have you spend your money with them to provide you leads.

The problem with many of these services is that you’re not the only one getting the lead. The same lead is being sent to multiple companies, creating a “revolving door.” This is known as “lead aggregation,” and it is big business. You understand this exactly if you’ve ever looked for a quote for home improvement, submitted your information to HomeAdvisor, and your phone didn’t stop ringing for days afterward.

There is no exclusivity of those leads, which often causes a situation where everyone contacting the prospect will likely only be seen as being different on one point – price. Not always, but this happens a lot.

This is why exclusive lead generation always wins in the end.

Our lead generation funnels which produce inbound inquiries that go to you and your business alone. You share them with no one.

And with our exclusivity policy, we do not take on any new local business lead generation clients in a geographic area in which we already have one existing in the same business space.

That’s our promise to you.

Leave Lead Aggregation Behind And Get Exclusive Prospects.

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