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Here, we provide you with some of the most common questions we’re asked along with the answers to those questions. Though by no means comprehensive, it’s a good starting point for most.

We realize that you might not find the answer to your specific question here. If that’s the case, rest assured we’ll be happy to answer the questions you may have that fall outside the bounds of those listed here. Just head on over to this page and let us know how we can best help you!

Our Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaign is a holistic approach to digital marketing that combines several key services: advanced SEO tactics, authoritative link-building, Google Business Profile optimization, schema markup implementation, targeted content creation, and strategic social media engagement. This package is designed to improve your search engine rankings and increase your online authority through consistent and integrated marketing effort

Yes, you can select individual services based on your specific business needs. However, our complete package is designed to leverage the synergistic effect of combining multiple strategies, which often results in more significant and sustainable improvements in your online presence and search engine rankings.

Ongoing optimization means we continuously update and refine our strategies based on the latest search engine algorithms and market trends. This proactive approach ensures that your business doesn’t just keep up with changes but stays ahead, maintaining high visibility and engagement levels over time.

Authoritative link-building enhances your website’s trust and domain authority because links from reputable and high-ranking sites are a key metric used by search engines for ranking pages. Such links also drive high-quality traffic to your site and increase your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile involves updating your profile with the latest business information, adding photos of your business, ensuring the proper categorization of your business for highest relevance and visibility, and setting up service areas and services offered. This activity not only improves your profile’s visibility in local searches but also engages and attracts potential customers by providing them with current and relevant information. The business owner (or their designate) should use the GBP to interact with prospects and customers after proper setup and optimization.

Schema markup is structured data that you add to your website’s HTML to help search engines better understand the content of your pages. This can significantly improve how your website is represented in search results with enhanced features like rich snippets, which are visual enhancements such as star ratings and images. These features can increase your site’s visibility and click-through rates.

The frequency of content creation depends on your specific goals and the offering you choose. Typically, we aim to provide fresh, relevant content at least monthly to maintain engagement and support optimization efforts. This could include blog posts, articles, infographics, or videos tailored to your audience’s interests and needs. We also look to target certain keywords relevant to your business and those terms people might use to search for you.

Effective social branding creates a recognizable and consistent image across all your social platforms, enhancing brand recognition. Social signals — such as likes, shares, and comments — not only engage and grow your audience but also signal to search engines that your content is valuable and relevant, which can indirectly boost your visibility.

Lead generation is simply the process of attracting the attention of strangers and prospects and converting them into someone who has interest in your company’s products or services. Lead generation, as a general rule, can take many different forms, but usually relies on targeted marketing campaigns and direct engagement.

Our Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaigns work by increasing your website’s visibility in search engine results through organic means. The aim is to attract more visitors to the site by improving its ranking for specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to the business’s products or services. While it is a critical way to build your customer base, it isn’t considered “lead generation” in an orthodox sense.

Because our lead generation services involve methods and means that work entirely beyond the boundaries of your business’ website (and, as such, have no effect on your website’s ranking), we like to ensure that our clients are conscious of this service offering being separate and distinct from any efforts to improve your business website’s organic search ranking.

As we offer lead generation services apart from anything having to do with our Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaigns, we chose to include the “dedicated” descriptor in the offering’s name.

  • Unlike many agencies that focus on quick fixes for immediate gains, our approach is to build a lasting foundation for success. We focus on building trust and authority through consistent, quality interactions and integrated strategies tailored specifically for your business needs. Our commitment is to the long-term growth and visibility of your brand.
  • We will never compete against ourselves. By this, we mean to say that we only work with one client within a particular niche/city combination. In other words, we’re perfectly happy to work with deck builders (for example) all across the country. However, we will not extend our services to two (or more) different deck builders in the same geographic market. Our clients enjoy exclusivity from us.
  • With us, there is never a need to worry about long-term commitments. Though we believe that our clients stay with us month after month and year after year because of the value they receive as a result of our efforts, we never want our clients to have the fear that they “can’t get out of” their services with us. If, at any time, you feel that we’re just no longer meeting your needs, though we hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to remedy whatever it might be that you’re concerned about, you may cancel your services with us at any time.

We provide a list of prices for our à la carte service offerings below.

Before that, however, a word about the pricing for our Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaigns and Dedicated Lead Generation, which are more difficult to quote in a vacuum.

Our primary aim is to ensure that we are tailoring our efforts to best serve your needs in your market, and everyone’s market is different.

The first thing we do, when a client is considering onboarding with us as a Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaign or Dedicated Lead Generation client, is examine the competitive landscape of that prospective client’s situation.

We make no secret of it: higher competition environments (which can be influenced by different factors) require higher-level investments in the effort.

In reality, every quote for Complete Trust-Based Ranking Campaign and Dedicated Lead Generation services that we provide is, in fact, a custom quote based on competitive discovery. We provide quotes free-of-charge and without obligation.

For à la carte (“one-time”) services, our prices are as follows:

  • Website Optimization: $699
  • Business Citations: $449
  • GBP Optimization: $499
  • Authoritative Link-Building: $499
  • Schema Markup Creation: $329
  • Content Creation: $249
  • Social Branding/Signals: $159